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  St Louis Drainage Solutions - Yard Drains.

We install underground yard drains, gutter drains, french drains, catch basins and channel drains for both St. Louis and St Charles metropolitan areas.

Pop-Up Drainage Emitter

The Pop-Up Drainage Emitter is easy, safe and an efficient solution.

It allows water to be diverted and released to water-safe areas away from structures, erosion-prone landscapes and poor drainage areas.

It allows water captured by grates, catch basins, channel drains, Flo-Well, downspouts and roof gutter systems to flow through the drainage pipe and away from structural foundations to safe or useful areas. For example, water can be routed from a low area next to a foundation to a water safe area such as a curbside drainage system.

It is opened by the hydrostatic pressure of water flowing through the drain pipe. As flow diminishes the emitter closes again. The special patented design allows the emitter to open with a negligible amount of pressure. Since the emitter is closed during dry weather, debris and rodents can not enter the drain pipe.

  • It does not rise enough to interfere with the mowers.
  • Spring automatically retracts - closes and prevents damage from lawn mowers.
  • It blends into surrounding landscapes.


Flo-Well Storm Water Leaching System

Flo-Well Storm Water Leaching System

With the Flo-Well, water can be discharged into the subsoil rapidly and easily. Unlike competitive systems, there is no need for piping systems to transport storm water to a far-off discharge point, large heavy equipment, considerable excavation of current landscaped areas, nor large labor costs that those systems incur. With Flo-Well. water dispersion is now easier than ever.



Driveway Channel DrainChannel Drains

Excavate a trench to accommodate the channel and bedding concrete. Erect a string line at each end of the drain run as a guide for laying the channels to the required level. Begin channel installation at the excavation or discharge end of the run where the outlets are located. Install channel end-to-end PVC cementing sections together. Design bottom or end outlets into the channel run in the appropriate location and glue to the drain pipe or fitting. PVC cement end caps where appropriate.

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